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Call the National crises line at ...

( 800-273-8255 )

Be a voulunteer learn how to see all the signs ..learn how to save a life 

Stories and books by Howard L Johnson, 

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There is a giant orange Rabbit coming soon to save Halloween with his best friend Anne,E with he goe's by the name of Henry Halloween and he was born in a coven in a lkittle town in Ireland were the legend of Halloween begain his mother and father were matriarchs of there coven Henry Halloween sr and his lovely wife as well as Henry jr's ever caring  mother  Henrietta Halloween along with henrys little sister Dawn Michell Halloween ,she loved her big brother all six foot 4 inches of his large orange fluffy body but most of all his heart she always said henrys is the biggest because he has the biggest heart her mother said Dawn honey you dont have to be big to have a big heart by henry having a big heart you mean he is very kind right dear sDawn said yes Henry is kind and I nlovce him

Henry save's Halloween
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